Day 7: Freeway Lookout

Today I dropped off my visiting friend at her family's house in Holland. Instead of taking M-6 back to my home in Kentwood, I decided to make a detour and go north towards the city. When driving towards Grand Rapids on 196-East, after passing the Lake Michigan Drive exit 75, for the briefiest moment, I am granted a beautiful overlook of the skyline of the city.

Senior year of college, I would drive from my fast-food job in Grandville back to my apartment in the city late at night. My crappy car had no air conditioning, so I rolled down the windows; the night breeze flooded the car and whipped my hair around my ears. The loud wind and the cool air helped me relax after a long day. And then I rounded the corner after passing the Lake Michigan Drive exit, and my beautiful city appeared almost out of nowhere, bright with its night lights. I gasped in awe and then sighed relief. I was home.

Photo credit: Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Even now, the sight still takes my breath away. It appears to me as the Emerald City must have appeared to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. It's a magical place of possibility, and I'll happily skip towards it to discover its treasures.

Photo credit: City of Grand Rapids

This lookout is at a curvy part of the highway where traffic is often heavy. Please use caution as you admire the view.